Welcome to Club Waziema - Ethiopian Resturant


The real secret behindĀ  the Ethiopian food at Waziema:

We serve the most refined of all breads (Injera) made here in our kitchen!
The eEthio Dishssence of Ethiopian cooking lies behind the spices that vary from the fiery potent to the most delicate. Exotic spices and fresh herbs are cleverly combined here at Waziema to create flavors that make food as delightful as possible. Even more remarkable is the variety of vegetarian specialties, both familiar and unique. Are you a full-on vegetarian? So are millions of Coptic Christian Ethipians!

Injera, the traditional Ethiopian bread, is part of every entree. It is a pancake-like bread on which an assortion of dishes are served. The traditional way of eating it is with your fingers, which in itself is a delicate art. A bite sized piece of the injera is broken off to pick up a mouth full of the chosen dish.